Our mission is to handcraft products for people who may not get everything right every day, but still, they try! Each product contains ingredients that can often be found in your pantry or refrigerator. Yes, we have the carrots, coconut milk, and oatmeal covered; healthy lifestyle approved! But we also love our beer and chocolate; in moderation of course!

As we all strive to live overall healthier lifestyles, experience  high quality products crafted with you in mind. It's the best of both worlds as we use both essential and phthalate free fragrance oils. We handcraft in small batches with natural ingredients... every batch... every time... no excuses. So live a little! After all, this is bathing we're talking about.

Citrus Body Scrub 
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Lip MawAhh
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You're here... the dishes can wait... 

treat yourself to skin lovin' goodies! 

Coconut Milk Lotion 
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Coco & Coffee Soap
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